Food 4 Wealth Review

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Quick Facts

Product Name: Food 4 Wealth
Standard Price: $39.97
Author: Jonathan White
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 01st Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

It is possible to purchase Food 4 Wealth from their web page by clicking here. Please be aware that the price as listed above may have changed since publishing this review. Purchasing via this link will entitle you to our Food 4 Wealth purchase bonus.

Publisher’s Description

Manual and over 60 Minutes of Videos will have you producing Fresh Healthy Organic Food year after year from your home backyard, for less than $100 .

  • Grow the tastiest, fattest tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, celery, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber and more!
  • Grow food that you can harvest every single day of the year, no matter where you live
  • Set up a garden that produces many times more than a traditional vegetable garden
  • Produce food in the world’s most environmentally and ecologically friendly way
  • Set up a garden that only requires 8 hours of light easy effort per year
  • Create a garden that regenerates all by itself, year after year
  • Fertilize your garden for free using waste from your household
  • Grow your own established seedlings – for yourself and to sell
  • Grow more food than you need and sell the excess
  • Grow food in any soil, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

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